Adept's Leather Armor Level 3
Tier 4.2
Weight (kg) 20.3
Item Value 21,520
Examine Equipment Item

Adept's Leather Armor Level 3 is Leather Equipment. It is equipped in the Chest Slot.

Crafting Cost Edit

Adept's Leather Armor Level 3 can be craft at a Hunter's Lodge (T4+). You must learn Level 3 Leather Armor Crafter (1/10) on the Destiny Board before you can craft this item.

  • Silver x% of 21,520 (Building Usage Fee)
  • Rare Worked Leather x16
  • Flawed Emerald x2
  • Average Hunter's Soul x2

Stats Edit

You must learn Leather Armor Fighter Level 3 (1/10) on the Destiny Board before you can equip this item.

Stat Value
Power Level 6
Ability Power +347
Physical Armor +200%
Magical Resistance +200%
Max Hitpoints +657
Max Energy +62

Spells Edit

Active Slot 1 Edit

Spell Description Range Cast Time Cost Cooldown
Fire Spell White
A spell which increasing the casters's Movespeed by 30% for 15s 0m 1s 39 30s
Man Spell Green
Heal Wounds
A channeled self heal 0s 0 30s
Arrow Spell Leg Yellow
Slow Field
Creates a magical trap which lasts for 15 seconds at the character which slows down any opponents within it by 34% 1.5s 80 30s

Passive Slot 1 Edit

Spell Description
Passive 3 Increases your Attack damage, Spelldamage and Healing by 10%
Passive 5 Slightly increases your movement speed.
Passive 3 Increases your hitpoints by 231
Passive 4 Magic Casting Resilience increased by 30%
Passive 3 Physical and Magical resistance increased by 10%
Passive 9 Reflects 30% of all incoming damage back to the attacker.

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