A Bear in a docile state, its head held low and ears forward.




None. Can be skinned with a T4 Skinning Knife to obtain Bear Hide

Bears are docile by nature, and won’t attack unless you get very close. If you do, however, be prepared to fight long and hard, especially in low-tier gear; bears are powerful and sturdy creatures, and can do a great deal of damage to armor.  Will also stun you.


The relatively few bears who inhabit Albion have a heavy, single-color brown coat, which they shed in the island's warm summers. They have a prominent snout, which they often carry aloft in order to smell for intruders or for prey. They can often be heard before they are seen; their massive paws, carrying their immense weight, make easily identifiable thuds as they walk.


Bears are by nature solitary, docile creatures. If you come across a lone bear, it is easy enough to step carefully around the bear, taking care not to get too close, keeping your back turned. The bear will not attack even if you pass into its line of sight, as long as it doesn't feel threatened by proximity. When angry or scared, a bear will often charge its attacker, using its front paws - and the claws extending from them - to swipe at an enemy's torso with the intent on doing damage to armor protecting the vital organs.

Stats & AbilitiesEdit

  • Tier - T5
  • HP - TBC
  • Ability: Sunder Armor - reduces target armor (physical and magical)
  • Low aggro radius - only aggros at half the distance of other mobs.
  • Damage Physical/Magical - both (to armor)