Welcome to another update on the progress of Albion Online! We’re working in overdrive this week (though actually, we’re always working in overdrive) on lots of new additions to the game, including a female character model, which many of you have been asking after. Here’s a quick update on what each member of the Albion Online team is doing:

Art TeamEdit

Our art team is working on a revision of the world map. After the last test, we want to redesign how the world looks and how players can traverse it to create fresh experiences for the next test. This involves reworking the lay of the land and creating new contours to change how players work their way through different areas, working out how to place regions on the map, and in all other senses rejigging (which is the technical term) the landscapes.

We’re also working on a cool new character creation screen, with myriad new aesthetic customization options for your character including head- and facial hairstyles, skin tones and more. Players will be able to make their character their own by giving them just the right beard shape to go with their hammer, keeping them up to date with all the fashionable hair dos, and eventually, change their race to give their character a whole new look. Players will also be able to customize their avatars in the future.

One thing you won’t need to stress about finding the right beard for is our female character, who is being modelled, rigged, animated and made to pick her nose on screen as we speak! A female character has always been a popular request from our community, and we’ve looked to you to provide feedback on what the basic model should be like, before elaborating on that to create what we think is already a cool-looking character!

We’re also working on some more tools to gather resources. We want there to be a tool for every resource in the game, so that players can easily recognize and choose which tool to gather the corresponding resource with. This is why we’re also working on some 3D objects and icons for some brand new tools! These will help you gather gems, for instance, when in the last test gems were collected with the same tool as stone. More on those as they come!


Meanwhile CEO Bercilak is, as ever, busying himself with the stressful and time-consuming task of ordering pizza. In between choosing toppings, he’s working on some more content for guilds, such as the much-discussed alliance system, and an in-game recruiting tool for guilds to find new members. Guilds will have a “we’re looking for…” page to show all potential new members what’s expected of them before they apply for membership. We also want guilds to be able to distinguish themselves visibly in game, so we’re also working on a way for guilds to pimp their capes by creating and displaying their own guild logos or motifs. Check out a screenshot here:

For those of you looking to get into real estate in Albion Online, we’re in the middle of developing a system whereby individual players will be able to buy and sell plots of land, build on them, pay and charge rent and laugh at players with smaller houses than them. We’re also working on a system of signalling to players how much a territory costs, and who has owned it in the past.

Community ManagementEdit

And of course, last but not least, your favorite community management team is here too, tirelessly slaving away on a diet of water and rice cakes to bring you hilariously funny content 24/7, for which we’re occasionally rewarded with scraps of pizza crust..