Dire Wolf




None, can be skinned with a Skinning Knife to obtain Hide.


Dire Wolves are much larger than the native Wolf. They also have darker fur, with thick black fur covering their back and flank, and charcoal gray underneath. They have a powerful build, but are adept runners, with broad chests and narrow torsos. 


Always conscious of keeping their heavy frames in a balanced, immovable stance, Dire Wolves prefer to attack with their powerful jaws, and will bite at the torso attempting to rip through armor and skin. Though they are solitary creatures, and often fight amongst themselves if not properly socialised, they retain the characteristic pull radius of wolves.

Stats & AbilitiesEdit

Dire Wolves are powerful enemies not to be underestimated or approached without caution and a significant loadout. 

  • Tier - T6
  • HP - TBC
  • Ability: Ravage - inflicts high impact damage, almost nullifies target health regeneration for 5 minutes.
  • High group radius - pulls other friendly mobs nearby to the fight at double the distance as usual.
  • Damage Physical/Magical? - Physical only

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