Albion Online Knight of Morgana

Morgana has ever been an enigmatic and controversial figure in Albion’s history. Morgana’s Disciples worship the being like a God, and can often be found in shrines lit by candles which give off an intoxicating, acidic odor.

Knight of MorganaEdit

The Knights of Morgana are adept fighters not to be trifled with. They can also be deceptive; when low on health, a knight will muster its strength and attack even more ferociously until it is overcome.

Morgana's ChampionEdit

Morgana’s Champions are fearsome-looking beings with white skin and eerie, glowing eyes. When provoked, they swing widely with their mace, while summoning Hellfire to deal immense damage to an out-of-range target. Warriors skilled in magic should be wary of the Champions’ ability to manipulate enemy magic and turn it to their advantage.