Albion Online's economy is referred as a "True player driven economy" and what this means is that the worth of the currency is defined by the players, there are a variety of aspects that create a great player driven economy and also are in Albion, the following are those aspects.

  • Resources are limited (you can not harvest unlimited amount of any resources; especially important for a Free2Play game)
  • unsymmetrical distribution of said resources (So in the north part of the world you find more Black-Wood or it is the only place where you get Black Wood)
  • Ideally, you also have local markets
  • You have a good amount of resource sinks to avoid inflation
  • The best weapons can only be created via crafting
  • You give players enough tools to specialise in crafting (and ideally trading and transportation) so that it can be seen as a real profession

In Albion Online it's not all about fighting, a player can choose to focus on things such as farming and then looking around cities for the best price to sell their product for a profit. You can also create shops in cities where you create a building such as a refinery where you can add a tax to all sales made through the refinery.

Things needed to add/change to this page:

  • Brief over owning a city
  • Add other features of Albion's economy
  • Alter anything wrong or ellaborate where need be

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