Expert's Leather Hood
Tier 5
Weight (kg) 15.2
Item Value 3,200
Examine Equipment Item

Expert's Leather Hood is Leather Equipment. It is equipped in the Head Slot.

Crafting Cost Edit

Expert's Leather Hood can be craft at a Hunter's Lodge (T5+). You must learn Leather Hood Crafter (3/10) on the Destiny Board before you can craft this item.

  • Silver x% of 3,200 (Building Usage Fee)
  • Cured Leather x8

Stats Edit

You must learn Leather Hood Fighter (3/10) on the Destiny Board before you can equip this item.

Stat Value
Power Level 5
Ability Power +282
Max Hitpoints +253
Max Energy +91
CC Resistance +46%

Spells Edit

Active Slot 1 Edit

Spell Description Range Cast Time Cost Cooldown
Silence Spell BlueFade Out Turns you invisible for 7 seconds and cleanses any movement impairing effects on you.

Passive Slot 1 Edit

Spell Description
Passive 6 10% increased CC duration
Passive 6 10% increased magic attack power
Passive 1 10% increased physical attack power
Passive 8 Heals you cast are 15% stronger
Passive 3 Heals have 15% more effect on you
Passive 7 20% reduced energy cost

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