Expert's Plate Armor
Tier 5
Weight (kg) 45.6
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Expert's Plate Armor is Plate Equipment. It is equipped in the Chest Slot.

Crafting Cost Edit

Expert's Plate Armor can be crafted at a Warrior's Forge (T5+).

Stats Edit

Stat Value
Power Level 5
Ability Power +282
Physical Armor +293
Magic Resistance +96
Max Hitpoints +506
Max Energy +46

Spells Edit

Active Slot 1 Edit

Spell Description Cast Time Cost Cooldown
Retaliate Reflects 120% physical attacks on the caster for 15 seconds. 1.5s 23 30s
Defensive Stance Increases your armor by 50% and slows your movement speed by 50% for 10 seconds. 0s 26 30s
Trembling Aura Creates a pulsating effect on the caster causing all hostiles within a 5 meter radius to get slowed as long as they are within that radius, lasts for 10 seconds 0s 18 30s
Offensive Stance Increases attack damage by 15% and boosts CC resistance for 10 seconds 0s 23 30s

Passive Slot 1 Edit

Spell Description
Empowering Increases your Attack damage, Spelldamage and Healing by 10%
Quick Thinker Cooldown reduced by 30%, but physical and magic defense is reduced by 20%
Constitution Increases your hitpoints by 100
Casting Resilence Magic Casting Resilence increased by 30%
Stone Skin Physical armor increased by 20%
Deflection Reflects 30% of all incoming damage back to the attacker

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