Farming Edit

The world of Albion Online requires food in order to operate. Guild territories, buildings, and even players themselves need food. Territories and buildings require food for upkeep. Players can use food for non-combat health regeneration. Some food will drop from mobs, but a majority of it will be obtained through farming.

Farms can be built on dark brown plots located on player islands (that have been upgraded), guild islands, and farming territories. A NPC seed vendor will be located nearby these plots and stocked with seeds and baby animals for purchase. First a player must build a farm for crop production or a pasture for raising livestock. Kennels are also available and are required to raise exotic mounts such as dire-wolves and dire-bears for advanced players.

Crops Edit

Crops can be placed on a farm and will mature after their grow time expires. They will then become harvestable, they will stay this way until harvested and will not wilt/die. When you harvest a crop you will acquire the yield in items and you will have a chance to get the seed back based on the seed yield %.

Tier Name Nutrition Yield Time to Grow Seed Yield % Harvest fame
1 Carrots
Carrot seeds
10 1-3 1.5 Hours 75% 150
2 Corn
Corn seeds
15 4-6 3 Hours 70% 150
3 Potatoes
Potato seeds
28 7-10 6 Hours 65% 150
4 Wheat
Wheat seeds
59 11-13 12 Hours 60% 150
5 Pumpkins
Pumpkin seeds
113 24 Hours 55% 150

Livestock Edit

Livestock can be placed on a pasture and will mature after their grow time expires. Once the livestock matures you will have a chance at acquiring a new baby animal based on the baby yield %.

Some animals may stay on the pasture and continue feeding, if allowed to progress through their grow time again, they will produce their secondary resource. Harvesting this resource does not advance your Destiny board.

A baby that matures, or picking the animal up will reset their growth bar and the food will be lost.

Nutrition to Time Edit

Livestock grow timers will only advance while the livestock has food. After you place livestock you may add food to the tile. The amount of food 'time' that is added is based on the nutrition level of the food you add. Any food that is added to the tile that exceeds the growth timer is useless and will be wasted.

Each single nutrition add ~1.4 minutes. For example a baby chicken has a 6 hour(360 minutes) grow time. you will need to add 26 carrots to that tile for them to complete their grow time. ((10 nutrition * 1.4) * 26 carrots = 364 minutes)

Tier Name Diet Secondary Resource Time to Grow Baby Yield % Harvest fame
2 Chickens
Baby chicken
Plants Eggs 6 Hours 65% 14
3 Goats
Baby goat
Plants Goat Milk 12 Hours 63% 41
3 Horse
Plants - 24 Hours 61%
3 Ox
Baby ox
Plants - 24 Hours 59%
4 Pig
Baby pig
Plants - 24 Hours 57%
5 Cattle
Baby cow
Plants Milk 48 Hours 55%
5 Destrier
Promising foal
Plants - 54 Hours 53%

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