Greetings adventurer, you have landed yourself on the dock and don't know where you are to go next?

Let me share with you some tips to get you started.

First, I imagine you should don some clothing. While I must admit that I too enjoy the comfort and freedom that comes with traipsing around naked, it is not the smartest thing to do when exploring new lands. Just up ahead there is a small encampment at which you can use the pit and tools to get you started. I suggest clawing at some trees and rocks along the path so you have some materials to work with when you get there. Now go, don't waste anymore time with me and be on your way. And good luck.

Task: Make yourself decent Edit

  • Objective: Craft the beginner armor pieces; hood, body, feet.
  • Objective: Craft the beginner tools.
  • Objective: Craft the beginner sword and shield.

Getting to work

Gather: xN Rough Wood and xN Rough Stone from nearby trees and boulders.

[Insert picture of resource nodes]

Go to: the encampment and at the //Crafter craft for yourself a Skinning Knife and ...

Return to the forest nearby and dispatch and skin a few rabbits, collect xN ...