You start out in the safe sone of Seaport. From here you start by following the Destiny Board and start by gathering the core resources such as Rough Wood, Rough Stone and Rough Leather.

Then you craft your own set of Starting tools by visiting one of the Anvils standing around and chose to craft Broadsword, Wooden Shield, and a set of Lether outfit.

When you feel ready you head in to town by following the path. When in town you might want to drop off some of your  resources, because if you die out there! your stuff is all gone! 

After a tour in town you should head out in to the wild and start gathering for your future projects! Be aware of all the bandits and wildlife while gathering! Its easy to get ambushed if you start to slack off.

Keep completing tasks from the Destiny Bord and you will see that your T1 gear gets upgraded to T2 in no time at all! (you still need to craft it of course) 

Feel free to update and add-on this very simple and "fast setup guide" I just rushed up before heading back to keep playing this wonderfull game of Albion. :)

From Enrath