Grandmaster's Leather Armor
Tier 7
Weight (kg) 68.3
Item Value 58.240
Examine Equipment Item

Grandmaster's Leather Armor is Leather Equipment. It is equipped in the Chest Slot.

Crafting Cost Edit

Grandmaster's Leather Armor can be craft at a Hunter's Lodge (T7+). You must learn Leather Armor Crafter (7/10) on the Destiny Board before you can craft this item.

  • Silver x% of 58,240 (Building Usage Fee)
  • Reinforced Leather x16

Stats Edit

You must learn Leather Armor Fighter (7/10) on the Destiny Board before you can equip this item.

Stat Value
Power Level 7
Ability Power +427
Physical Armor +221%
Magical Resistance +221%
Max Hitpoints +830
Max Energy +82

Spells Edit

Active Slot 1 Edit

Spell Description Range Cast Time Cost Cooldown
Fire Spell White
A spell which increasing the casters's Movespeed by 30% for 15s 0m 1s 47 30s
Man Spell Green
Heal Wounds
A channeled self heal 0s 0 30s
Arrow Spell Leg Yellow
Slow Field
Creates a magical trap which lasts for 15 seconds at the character which slows down any opponents within it by 34% 1.5s 99 30s
Fire Spell Red
Barbarian Stance
Increases your movement and attack speed by 15% for 10 seconds, however reduces your resistances by 15%
Silence Spell Blue
Turns yourself invisible for 30 seconds, however reduces movementspeed by 90% 3s 163 1m 00s

Passive Slot 1 Edit

Spell Description
Passive 3 Increases your Attack damage, Spelldamage and Healing by 10%
Passive 5 Slightly increases your movement speed.
Passive 3 Increases your hitpoints by 265
Passive 4 Magic Casting Resilience increased by 30%
Passive 3 Physical and Magical resistance increased by 10%
Passive 9 Reflects 30% of all incoming damage back to the attacker.

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