The legendary Harvester




Unknown - no one's ever made it that far

The Harvester is a creature of legend; a legend few have ever lived to tell. Unimaginably powerful, they are not to be taken on alone under any circumstances.


The Harvester's massive frame is cloaked from head to toe in black. It is a creature of pure darkness, and seeks the dark wherever it can find it - only its eyes reflect back the light from Albion, creating two spooky glowing points beneath its vast hood. The Harvester is rumoured to wield two weapons - most often a Halberd, which stands as tall as a man, and a scythe. Many consider its scythe to be the scythe of Death, and none would argue that He and the Harvester often travel together. The Harvester's shoulders are protected by shoulder pads which it smiths from the armor of adventurers it has slain.


Little is known of the behaviour of the Harvester beyond its immediate aggression upon seeing an assailant approach, and its ability to inflict major and life-threatening damage with its weapons, which it swings in a scissor-motion in a wide area in front of it. 

Stats & AbilitiesEdit

  • Tier - 6
  • HP - 55513
  • Ability - TBC
  • Physical Resistance - 200
  • Magic Resistance - 200
  • Damage Physical/Magical - Physical
  • Attack Damage - 2278

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