Tier 1 Horse

A horse is a mount used to travel long distances. It Increases movement speed by 50%, and can provide additional ability power bonus.

If you are planning on travelling the world of Albion Online in an efficient manner, this is your choice of transport,it takes durability damage like the equipment, but if player is damaged while on horse, it also increases durability damage significantly.

How to Acquire Edit

Foals must be purchased from a vendor located either on a player/guild island or farming territory.   Foals may also be found through rare mob drops although the rate was significantly reduced during the summer 2015 alpha.   Foals may be placed on a pasture and take 22 hours (premium) to grow.   Foals are unlocked in the pasture after accquiring fame by growing chickens.

  • T3 Foals grow into horses and can be used to make T3 or T4 mounts
  • T3 mounts require 20 refined T3 leather
  • T4 mounts require 20 refined T4 Leather
  • T5 Promising foals must be used for Armored Mounts

Mount Statistics Edit

Level Name Speed
T3 Journeyman's Riding Horse 7.2 m/s
T4 Adept's Riding Horse 7.7 m/s
T5 Expert's Riding Horse 8.2 m/s
T6 Master's Riding Horse 8.8 m/s