In the world of Albion Online, all items have a durability stat. All items start at 100/100 durability and the color sphere will appear white, indicating pristine condition. Durability will begin to decay with item use or experiencing player knockdowns or death. There are five conditions represented by colors: Pristine (white), Good (green), Fair (yellow), Poor (red), and Broken (greyed out). Players may repair their items to Pristine condition at a Repair Station for a fee.  A broken item cannot be used until it has been repaired.  Once an item has reached zero durability, the item becomes Trash. Upon player death, two equipped items will randomly become trash. Items placed at the Auction House must be in Pristine condition.

Condition Durability
Pristine image 100
Good image 99-?
Fair image ?-?
Poor image 10-?
Broken image 1-9

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