The Journeyman' Torch is an off-hand weapon, which adds a buff (Ignite), that will increase the physical damage of yours and your allies' weapons.

The resources needed for crafting the Journeyman's Torch is as follows:

Resources Needed

Silver Needed

Endurance Cost Wood Cloth
32 24

4x Tier 3 wood

Chestnut Planks

Screenshot 4

4x Tier 3 Cloth

Neat Cloth

Screenshot 5

The spell icon looks like this:

Screenshot 3

The ignite spell, that is used by pressing [E]

The torch, when equipped looks like this:

Screenshot 2

The torch equipped

When cast, the spell effect looks like this:

Albion Online Journeyman's Torch Ignite effect00:00

Albion Online Journeyman's Torch Ignite effect

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