Knight of Morgana
A Knight of Morgana clad in their heavy armor





Morgana's Knights are tough enemies for any player to go up against. They can be found both in the Overworld and in Dungeons across the island. They are lonely beings, often thought to be committed to decades-long, solitary pilgrimages in the name of their mysterious leader, Morgana.


Morgana's Knights are formidible enemies, with an aesthetic to match. Though they are weaker than Morgana's chosen Champions, they are still talented fighters with a particular skill in one-handed combat. Their preferred weapon is a Mace, which will almost always be bloody from a recent kill. Their helmets, which cover their no doubt gruesome faces save for an eerie orange light, give the appearance of a fire roaring behind their visors.


Knights of Morgana can be heard walking from a mile off; their massive heavy armor makes an incredible amount of noise as they move. Their shields, too, can act as weapons; they have sharp spikes on them which can inflict major damage if the Knight performs a bash with the shield. 

Stats & AbilitiesEdit

The Knights of Morgana are adept fighters not to be trifled with. They can also be deceptive; when low on health, a knight will muster its strength and attack even more ferociously until it is overcome. 

  • Tier - VII
  • HP - TBC
  • Ability: Shield Slam - deals impact damage, stuns target
  • Ability: Shield Wall - buffs Knight if seriously injured, shield absorbs damage
  • Damage Physical/Magical - Both