Master's Leather Hood Level 4
Tier 6.3
Weight (kg) 22.8
Item Value 284,310
Examine Equipment Item

Master's Leather Hood Level 4 is Leather Equipment. It is equipped in the Head Slot.

Crafting Cost Edit

Master's Leather Hood Level 4 can be craft at a Hunter's Lodge (T6+). You must learn Level 4 Leather Hood Crafter (3/10) on the Destiny Board before you can craft this item.

  • Silver x% of 284,310 (Building Usage Fee)
  • Exceptional Hardened Leather x8
  • Extraordinary Emerald x1
  • Mighty Hunter's Soul x1
  • Greater Rune of Manipulation x1

Stats Edit

You must learn Leather Hood Fighter Level 4 (3/10) on the Destiny Board before you can equip this item.

Stat Value
Power Level 9
Ability Power +647
Max Hitpoints +629
Max Energy +273
CC Resistance +137%

Spells Edit

Active Slot 1 Edit

Spell Description Range Cast Time Cost Cooldown
Silence Spell BlueFade Out Turns you invisible for 7 seconds and cleanses any movement impairing effects on you.

Passive Slot 1 Edit

Spell Description
Passive 6 10% increased CC duration
Passive 6 10% increased magic attack power
Passive 1 10% increased physical attack power
Passive 8 Heals you cast are 15% stronger
Passive 3 Heals have 15% more effect on you
Passive 7 20% reduced energy cost

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