The nightmareish face of a Shade




[[ [T4] Shadow Hand]]


One species of The Wild Hunt. Only appear in the dark.

Shades are spectral beings with spindly bodies which warp sickeningly as they move. Though they are frightful creatures, they are the lesser of the two documented species of the Wild Hunt, and a solitary Shade will pose little threat to an experienced warrior. However, those encountering a Shade for the first time may find them a challenge due to their natural resistance to blades and hammers. The inexperienced should approach with caution, and a few spells handy.

Appearance Edit

The phantom-like figure of the Shade has long struck fear into the hearts of the people of Albion. The image of a dark figure with a long black cloak and glowing eyes has pervaded the literature and art of the island since the early ages. Only more recently have sketches rendered accurately its horrific form. The Shade has a tall, hunched body, with skeletal arms which, when outstretched, span at least twice its height. Its long spindly fingers are often thought to resemble those of bats, giving rise to once popular theory that they summoned bat swarms to kill their victims. Now this theory is widely discredited, and their sharp talons are identified as the providence of the gruesome wounds found on their hapless victims.

Shades' bodies bend and gyrate unnaturally as they walk. Their mouths hang open as they taste the air around them, revealing the eerie blue glow within. When they catch a scent, they will instinctively arch their backs further, and the spikes on their back will become more prominent.          


A Shade will tend to slither around in a small radius, not venturing too far from where it was first summoned. 

Stats & AbilitiesEdit

Shades are spectral beings which can all but absorb physical damage. Take care - and a magical staff - when approaching one.

  • Tier - T5
  • HP - TBC
  • Ability: Spectral Touch - drains target energy
  • High Physical Armor - only magical attacks do any real damage
  • Damage Physical/Magical - both

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