Territories are marked areas on the map that a guild can claim. Claiming costs silver, but once your guild has claimed a territory, only your guildmates will be able to enter it. There are several different types of territories you can claim.  The most common type is the guild territory base,  which allows you to build any type of building on it.  Specialized territories include farming, forest, mining, silver, and essence territories.   These specialized ones can be claimed by guilds to be used exclusively by themselves or any allied guilds in order to harvest materials.   the specialized territories typically will have a dungeon that you can enter once the territory has been claimed.  Territories that are unclaimed can be accessed by anyone.

Claiming TerritoriesEdit

Territories can be claimed by guilds when they are not owned by anyone. However, if the territory is owned by another guild the 2 guilds will have to participate in a Guild vs Guild battle for ownership of the territory. 


In the territories you find the sandy ground you need to build. Of course you can start building even if you don’t own the territory, but other players will be able to use and perhaps even damage or destroy your buildings. To be able to maintain the buildings and be fully functional, the guild has to feed them with food obtained from the farms.


You need to feed your territories with food crafted by the cook. If your Territory runs out of food, it will be set as guildless but the buidings are still there. You can feed a territory for up to 3 days.