Albion Online Heretics

Little is known of the provenance of the mysterious league known as the Heretics. The rumors surrounding them are many, and each warrior who has crossed their path – and some that haven’t – has a different story to tell. Heretics come in four classes; Archer, Healer, Mage and Thief.

Heretic ArcherEdit

Archers will often attack from a distance, and can focus their aim to cripple their enemy, reducing the enemy’s attack speed. They are less tough than their comrades, though, and are vulnerable in close-quarters combat.

Veteran Archers can aim a critical shot at an enemy out of melee range to deal high impact damage. Elite Archers have poison-tipped arrows which deal damage over time.

Heretic HealerEdit

Healers are of course competent in healing, and have the ability to Silence a foe for a short time, to facilitate faster healing. They are vulnerable to crowd control, however. Veteran Healers are more adept in healing and can regenerate energy quickly.

Elite Healers are able to remove debuffs from a friendly target.

Heretic ThiefEdit

Thieves always prefer close-quarters combat with their blades, and will dash in to stun an enemy which poses a threat from range. They are cunning in combat, and attack those with healing abilities as a priority.

Veteran Thieves can cripple a target to dramatically reduce their movement speed before going in for the kill.Elite Thieves have the ability to poison a target’s energy over time.


Written by: Yasmin