Version 1.0.169 / 15.09.2014

New Features Edit

  • Log in Bonus - If you log in a total of 10 days during this Alpha Test, you will receive a unique avatar at launch
  • Founder's Rewards - All founders will have their founder's rewards unlocked. All items will be delivered via ingame-mail. Note that you will receive these items again in future Alpha tests, including your gold.
  • New Game World - The size of the game world in this test was increased massively compared to previous tests. Some regions will initially remain locked until later stages of the test.
  • New Creatures - The NPC factions of Albion have received massive reinforcements and an entirely new faction, the Keepers, has been introduced.
  • Resurrect Spell - Staffs of Restoration can now be crafted with a resurrect spell, which will bring a dead player back to life, if they haven't respawned yet.
  • Repair and Salvage Building - Allows to repair your damaged items and salavage unwanted items for resources. Costs and yield depend on the remaining durability of the item.
  • Attacking from castles - After taking a castle, it is now possible to use the castle to schedule an attack on any territory in the same area. The attack will be canceled if you lose the castle before the attack occurs, however.
  • Speech Bubbles - Using the /say, or /s chat modes will cause a speech bubble to appear of your character's head. Some creatures use this to communicate as well.
  • Ship Travel - Some cities feature harbor locations, which allow players to fast travel to other harbors in exchange for silver. Costs depend on distance travelled, as well as the equipment you bring along for the journey.
  • Mounts - Players can now acquire mounts by "crafting" them at a stable. There are three main categories of mounts: horses, armored horses and oxes. Horses are fast and can carry a light load. Armored Horses are slightly slower, but much more resistant to damage and controlling effects. Oxes are slow, but increase your carry capacity significantly.
  • Buying and Selling of Estates - It is now possible to put an estate you own on sale. Other players can acquire the estate by interacting with the estate sign and paying the desired sum of silver.
  • Player Cities - It is now possible for guilds to take control of a player city by claiming it at the city's monolith. The owning guild will receive the city tax paid by estate owners in the city. Note that player cities ony have one defender point and can therefore easily be conquered.
  • Mastery Levels - You can now master the crafting and use of items, by using them after unlocking them. This will grant significant bonuses to their performance and quality!
  • Quality Levels - Equipment items now feature several quality levels with improved item stats. Crafting an item has a random chance of generating a higher quality level item. This chance can be improved by having a "Crafting Quality" bonus for this item, usually attained as a mastery level.
  • Access rights system - An in-depth access control system allows you to share access to your possessions with other players. This includes player estates, buildings and furniture items (including chests!).
  • Castle guards - All castles are now guarded and guilds will have to defeat several waves of guards and the castle lord before they can claim ownership. Once they do, however, the castle guards will wear the owning guild's colors and symbol!
  • Alliances - Guilds are now able to found an alliance and invite other guilds to join it. Guilds can only be a member of one alliance at a time and maintaining an alliance will cost an upkeep fee, but allied guilds will be able to access each other's territories and are protected from each other's attacks.
  • Guildhalls - Players can now construct large housing buildings called "Guildhalls" which allow large quantities of furniture to be placed inside
  • Buff Furniture Rework - Beds, Tables and Trophies have been re-worked and now provide buffs to players resting in them, eating from them or touching them for inspiration. These buffs generally last 1 hour and players can only benefit from one of each type at a time.
  • Re-Worked Marketplaces - The marketplaces have been completely reworked, from the building to the UI to the way taxes are handled. Let the economy grow!
  • Re-Worked Destiny Board - The destiny board has been completely reworked. The new layout is focussed on unlocks and progressive specialization.
  • New Chat UI - Completely new chat technology and UI, featuring multi-tab chatting, customized chat tabs and the first steps of a combat log
  • Tier VIII - Added an entirely new tier of equipment and buildings

Changes Edit

  • Buildings can now be upgraded with all furniture items inside remaining placed
  • You can now toggle between two zoom levels on the minimap
  • The minimap now automatically focuses on the battle area during a GvG fights. It also displays the monoloths and warcamps.
  • All silver prices & drops have been multiplied by 10 and rebalanced
  • Lowered crafting fees for equipment items, but added a cost to refining raw resources. This was done to allow players to charge others for using the refining building.
  • Rebalanced durability loss of buildings, furniture no longer loses durability over time
  • Targeting buildings and furniture while having a siege hammer equipped now shows the building health
  • Creatures now occasionally drop items on their tier
  • Tier of hostile creatures is now displayed on their portrait
  • Refining buildings (carpenter, stone mason etc.) now ONLY costs raw resources
  • Many smaller dungeons and caves don't appear on the minimap
  • Equipping items which increase your maximum hitpoints will also scale your current hitpoints appropriately
  • Items no longer have a chance to break when you die, instead they suffer between 30% and 70% of their maximum durability as damage (which may still break them, but ensures a new equipment set does not break on first death)
  • When you die, you can now choose to respawn in the same area, the nearest city, the nearest guild territory or your home
  • It is now possible to make a house your home, allowing you to respawn there after death. the number of people allowed to make a home there depends on the residence slots of the building, which can be increased by placing furniture in the house.
  • Player corpses in safe zones are now protected from looting for 10 minutes
  • Boss creatures will get increasingly stronger if attacked by more than 12 players
  • Healing aggro is now split between all mobs in a fight. It was previously added in full strength to ALL mobs in a fight.
  • Healing circle now only affects the 4 closest targets
  • HUD can be toggled on/off with the ALT-H key combination on PC
  • Setting usage fees for buildings now works as a percentage of the item's original silver crafting cost
  • Added load limit to containers & players can now no longer move if overloaded
  • The number of furniture items in player houses and guild halls is now limited. The limit depends on the tier of the building
  • The upkeep warning and server shutdown messages are now much more visible
  • It is no longer possible to choose the daily maintenance time (10AM UTC) as a timeslot for territory defense
  • Added an area map, which can be opened from the HUD or by clicking on an area on the world map
  • The visual quality of the minimaps has been significantly increased
  • You can now use the same account to login to the game, the website and the forum
  • The destiny board HUD now automatically sets its size depending of the resolution of your device. You can switch manually between sizes in the options menu.
  • Players spawning at a warcamp during a GvG fight will now receive a spawn protection buff similar to entering a PVP area. This protection is removed when attacking or leaving the vicinity of the warcamp.
  • Equipment crafting now only requires one tier of resources
  • Marks no longer exist in multiple tiers, instead higher tier weapons will require more marks
  • Vanity items are now craftable at any crafting station
  • More colors now useable for guild logos
  • Guild vaults have been removed in favour of guild halls
  • Mobs talk sometimes when they attack you
  • Halberds have been implemented properly
  • Many other bugfixes, balancing changes and improvements...

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