Version 1.0.170 - REV 21030/ 26.09.2013

New Features Edit

  • Furniture can now be repaired and salvaged in the repair shop

Changes Edit

  • Graphics of 'Keeper' dungeons throughout the game have been improved

Bugfixes Edit

  • Fixed: A large number of reported bugs in levels were fixed (floating trees, holes etc.)
  • Fixed: Guild vs. Guild fights could get canceled if one of the guilds joins any alliance
  • Fixed: Some building areas close to the walls in the cities were blocked
  • Fixed: Territories in "Mage's Hold" can now be attacked from the castle
  • Fixed: Dungeons near Castles in Haunted Shore and Dreadcoast could only be entered by the owner of the castle
  • Fixed: A T6 item trophy was being shown as T5

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