Version 1.0.194 - REV 24846/ 27.01.2015

Changes Edit

  • Doubled drop rate of farming seeds, baby animals and baby mounts
  • Increased the return rate of many seeds for farming
  • Nutrition from carrot soup increased from 2 to 10
  • Names in chat are now displayed in bold and first character is uppercase
  • Added visual effect to blizzard spell

Bugfixes Edit

  • Fixed linux client not working
  • Various server stability fixes
  • Fixed incorrect nutrition values for many food items
  • Fixed an incorrectly applied city tax on all real estate sales, causing some attempts to buy to fail despite having enough money
  • Fixed an issue which capped out usage fee for buildings at 250%. It is now allowed to go up to 999%
  • Fixed incorrect armor and magicresistance values on founder's ox
  • Fixed dire animals dropping dire mounts instead of dire baby animals
  • Fixed weight settings on many food and farming items
  • Fixed incorrect crafting times for many weapons
  • Fixed missing localization on founder houses
  • Fixed visual effect scalings on spells with groundeffects (blizzard)
  • Fixed visual skinning issues on dire boar mesh
  • Fixed visual problem in undead archer animations
  • Speechbubbles should now always be pixelperfect

Known Issues Edit

  • BEWARE: Legendary Founder's House is now placeable but can't be completed due to the anchor ingredient not appearing in build UI

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