Version 1.0.196 - REV 24961 / 29.01.2015

Changes Edit

  • Further improved server performance
  • Changed Island seller UI to make it less likely to accidently give up a player island.

Bugfixes Edit

  • Fixed issue causing some players to be unable to log in
  • Fixed friendly buff (for being flagged friendly in Yellow PvP zones) providing an incorrect bonus
  • Fixed a collision which caused a dungeon to be halfway-inaccessible
  • Fixed potential error causing the rankings to become unavailable
  • Fixed missing localization on calfs & various localization typos
  • Fixed placecost of grown chickens
  • Fixed playerhouses & guild halls incorrectly losing durability over time.
  • Fixed spells in UI not correctly disappearing when an item breaks.
  • Fixed guild symbol colours causing characters to be rendered white in certain circumstances
  • Removed "Pay Upkeep With" Button in Guild Account which had no function anymore

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