Version 1.0.198 - REV 25419 / 10.02.2015



  • Increased the cooldown on spawnprotection from 30 seconds to 60 seconds

Items and AbilitiesEdit

  • Reduced damage of charge ability by 65% (bugfix)
  • Doubled the amount of damage reflected by all damage reflecting spells and passives
  • Reduced the cast time of "Holy Touch" from 3 to 2 seconds. Removed its heal over time effect but increased its primary heal by 33%
  • Added "Desperate Prayer" spell choice to holy & divine staffs. Desperate Prayer is a strong instant heal with a 20 second cooldown
  • Reduced cast time of "Well of Life" from 6 to 3 seconds. Also reduced its effect strength by 27% (but fixed a bug with healing over time effects, see below).
  • Reduced the cast time of "Nature's Resilience" from 3 to 1 second. Added a 10 second cooldown and doubled the effect of thorns. Slightly decreased healing effect by 11% (but fixed a bug with healing over time effects, see below)
  • Increased the amount healed by "Nature Heal" by 33%
  • Increased cooldown of totem's healing spell ("Renew") from 10 to 30 seconds. Increased its effect duration from 5 to 10 seconds. Reduced its overall strength by 44% (but fixed a bug with healing over time effects, see below)
  • "Fast shot" on bows is now an instant (was a 1.5 second cast) and has a 3 second cooldown. Its damage was adjusted down by 21%
  • Reduced cast time of "Pinning Shot" on bows from 3 to 1.5 seconds and reduced its damage and slow duration by 34%.
  • Increased cooldown of "Disorienting Shot" on bows from 10 to 20 seconds and increased its damage and slow duration by 100%
  • Changed the icon of "Disorienting Shot"


  • Decreased cast range of wolves "Rend" ability and added an icon


  • Fixed ALL heals/dots over time not scaling with ability power
  • Fixed bug which allowed adding of non-existing players or guilds to access lists
  • Fixed: When canceling a spellcast by issuing a different cast command, the new cast would sometimes fail
  • Fixed ground tile in undead dungeons not being walkable
  • Fixed food icon on cast bar not appearing correctly for remote players
  • Fixed bear animations
  • Fixed some mobs placed out of reach in some dungeons
  • Fixed beam effects sometimes staying behind in the world

Known issuesEdit

  • T1 Swords have 2 active spell slots when they should only have one

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