Version 1.0.200 - REV 25766 / 20.02.2015

New Edit

  • New Morgana themed raid dungeon added to "Mordred's Guard"- try to beat its champion before alpha is over!

Changes Edit

  • All the previously in this alpha added safe zones were changed into yellow/red PvP zones
  • Added weight being displayed on items

Bugfixes Edit

  • Fixed Client disconnects caused by trying to run into a wall
  • Fixed incorrect spell icon displaying when eating first and then switching into PvP stance
  • Fixed issues with code redemption in client
  • Fixed loot protection changes from previous version not actually working.

Known issues - working on fixes Edit

  • Some NPC areas are substantially too dark, especially at night.

Known issues - fixed, awaiting patch Edit

  • Some mission-givers may be incorrectly configured.
  • Artisan mission texts are all identical.
  • One Tier 5 transport mission has issues which will prevent it from being accepted.
  • Crafting endurance total in character sheet details is incorrectly labelled, should only be showing your maximum endurance value.
  • Mission HUD in upper right occasionally misaligns objectives.
  • Territory names sometimes end with a number.
  • "Demon" region map icon occasionally mis-sized.
  • Resource ranges in region map are sometimes misleading.
  • Gusthollow has a group dungeon icon over a single-player dungeon.
  • "Learn" button on Destiny Board sometimes incorrectly available.
  • Popups on island config are blank.
  • Endurance configuration missing/incorrect for tools, mounts and bags.
  • Hellgates incorrectly appearing in Sunder Fork.
  • Holy power passive not working correctly.
  • Sunder armor and sundershot have stronger but shorter effects.
  • Text added to sundershot to explain it better.
  • Tooltip on Brilliance on Cloth Chest is incorrect.
  • Groundbreaker locks player position while casting.

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