Version 1.0.232 - REV 32019 / 02.07.2015

Improvements Edit

  • Added 8 new full PvP regions, including many additional territories, to the north-eastern part of the world
  • Added "Item Power" display to item stats. Item Power is an indicator of the strength of an item; it has no other effects.
  • Added more visual decorations to multiple regions
  • Added unique icon for Royal faction shield
  • Added new guild symbol as a reward for previous accomplishments by the "Hammer and Sickle" guild
  • Added golden sparkle FX to lootbags
  • Meteor Strike now plays an impact sound
  • Adding missing faction representatives (mission givers) to Shaw Sodden region
  • Added new undead faction fences to undead mob camps
  • Added proper error message when picking up furniture/farm items while mounted
  • Added spell icons for spawn protection effects
  • Added info text to reforge tab in repair station
  • Added info text to island configuration
  • Added additional minibosses to mob camps in Redlake, Sunder Fork, Stoneisle, Blackisle, Rankriver, Rageholm, Shaw Sodden and Tranquil Grove
  • Added faction specific lighting ambience to many mob camps

Changes Edit

  • Significantly increased faction reputation rewards for transport missions
  • Crafting capacity of all buildings should be set to maximum once this update is launched
  • Crafting capacity of buildings will now be set to maximum when a building is upgraded
  • Groups of hostile players larger than 5 will now appear on the minimap in red zones too (as part of evaluating anti-zerg measures)
  • Changed follow range of veteran mobs from 40 to 60 meters
  • Changed follow range of elite mobs from 40 to 80 meters
  • Channeling is now cancelled when the item bearing the ability is unequipped
  • Language names are now displayed in their own language in the language selection (Note languages are not fully supported in Alpha, this is a testing feature)
  • Added Portugese as a selectable language in the "looking for guild" feature
  • Removed "Kill Dungeon Boss" missions from low level combat agents as they were causing players to camp these bosses too long (we can't increase spawn rate for fear of exploitation)
  • Increased the effective duration of stuns from abilities (for example stun from "Hammer Bash) by 50%
  • Doubled the strength of all spell effects affecting energy (gain and drain)
  • Set the Earthmother raid boss to enrage when she is attacked by more than 12 people
  • Added "Max" to the label of hitpoints, energy and craftendurance in character details for clarification
  • Improved login screen background graphic (added another demon :))
  • Upgrade window is no longer displayed on buildings which cannot be further upgraded in that cluster
  • Added ruined building look for many placeholder buildings used in decoration
  • Replaced placeholder text on loading screen (sorry, Marshall Bravestarr is gone)
  • Edited loading screen hints for spelling & grammar
  • Changed the resource overview in local map (region map) to show the correct range of available resources (excluding T1)
  • Changed "Groundbreaker" ability so it no longer locks caster in place and added effect, sound & animation
  • Clicking on yourself self now stops auto attacks in addition to deselecting your target
  • Changed "Sunder Armor" and "Sundershot" abilities to have stronger but shorter lasting effects
  • Selected more appropriate icons for many passive abilities
  • Improved tooltip of Sundershot ability to show the actual armor reduction
  • Improved tooltip of helmet abilities to explain that negative effects are cleansed
  • Added missing endurance cost to crafting mounts, bags and tools
  • Cleaned up and improved meshes & textures of Grassland, Redwood & Deadlands trees

Fixes Edit

  • Fixed Android Auto-Updater Progress disappearing when device orientation was changed
  • Fixed an error in automatic cluster recovery which caused clusters to restart without mission givers after a crash
  • Fixed some gathering missions requiring collection of stone not working
  • Fixed cast animation problems
  • Fixed a hole in the ground where users got stuck
  • Fixed info button not resetting its state in guild UI
  • Fixed some higher level combat "Kill Dungeon Boss" missions
  • Renamed T3 FIBER from "Cotton" to "Flax" as T2 FIBER is already called "Cotton"
  • Removed debug gizmo from Earthmother raid boss fight
  • Removed debug texts from demon boss fight
  • Fixed the combat behaviour of the Earthmother to only use one type of her thunderslams in each phase
  • Fixed a bug which caused the error message when trying to harvest a T2 tree to state that a "Novice's Axe" was required when only a "Beginner's Axe" was needed
  • Fixed brightness (or lack thereof) of Redwood Keeper camps and other lighting setups
  • Fixed incorrect resource numbers in Stoneisle region (removed superflous T4 resources, added missing T5 resources)
  • Fixed mission hud sometimes misaligning some objectives
  • Fixed wrong spell effect scalings
  • Fixed "Holy Power" passive not working (and possibly other effect-on-hit passives as well)
  • Fixed a missing item in T5 transport missions
  • Fixed interruptible spells with a stand time not playing animations properly
  • Fixed a bug causing hell demon icons on local (region) map to occasionally have incorrect sizes
  • Fixed "tell a friend" mail format and donkey name
  • Removed incorrectly placed heretic faction assets in Sickleheart and Ashlake
  • Replaced group dungeon in Gusthollow with solo dungeon as was intended
  • Fixed bug with achievement popup "crafting quality missing"
  • Fixed the learn button on destiny board not greying out when you switch to higher, unavailable, mastery levels
  • Fixed camera zooming while scrolling in the market
  • Fixed tooltip of Brilliance ability on cloth chest
  • Fixed an issue when clicking on player names in chat
  • Removed incorrect hellgate spawn location in Sunder Fork
  • Fixed offset in female 2H sword animation

Other Edit

  • Prepared Android Auto Updater for CDN use
  • Improved Client stability

Known issues Edit

  • A few users have not had founders items delivered - please email to have this resolved!
  • We're still eliminating server performance issues; this is ongoing work, and we will be performingpreventative reboots to alleviate symptoms in the meantime
  • Missions only support group play in a limited way currently, so only the character doing the most damage to a mob will get kill credit for it
  • Android performance is still an area that we're actively working on
  • Faction reward items do not currently progress the destiny board when used

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