Version 1.0.233 - REV 32638 / 14.07.2015

Improvements Edit

  • Fast travel points have been added connecting Dauntensea to Tormouth and Heathenburgh to Brinkwold

Changes Edit

  • Nature staffs no longer deal physical damage
  • Melee weapons now receive slightly stronger bonus defenses when focus-fired
  • Ranged weapons now receive substantially weaker bonus defenses when focus-fired
  • Healing sickness (reduction in healing when healed by multiple characters) now starts when two or more people (down from four or more) are healing you, and scales more strongly
  • Focus fire protection mathematics have been adjusted slightly to produce a smoother curve
  • Meteor Strike spell on fire staffs revised:
    • Decrease in cast time
    • Corresponding increase in hit delay
    • Radius halved
    • Reduced damage
    • Reduced stun duration
  • GvG changes:
    • Attacks against construction territories now always have a minimum time of 12 hours in the future
    • Attacks against resource territories now always have a minimum time of 3 hours in the future
    • It should no longer be possible to declare an attack which occurs sooner than these timers allow (bugfix)

Fixes Edit

  • Energy numbers should now be rounded consistently everywhere
  • It is no longer possible to use knockback spells to get other players stuck in GvG fights
  • Tier 5 Level 4 Leather now requires correct crafting components
  • Crafting Journeman's Shields now correctly progresses the Journeyman's Warrior Forge Crafter unlock on the Destiny Board past the first level
  • Gathering rare resources now correctly count for Destiny Board progress
  • The ability to craft Alcohol can now be correctly unlocked on the Destiny Board

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