Version 1.0.234 - REV 32744 / 16.07.2015

Improvements Edit

  • Added four new safe zone clusters, to the south-west and east of the map. These contain higher tier Heretics, and grant access to new group dungeons
  • Added two new yellow zone clusters, to the west of the map, containing Keepers
  • Added nine new red zone clusters, one to the west containing lower tier Disciples of Morgana, and eight in the north containing high-tier Disciples
  • Added a new Morgana raid, featuring an entirely new (and somewhat scary) boss
  • Every character has been gifted 1000 additional learning points, in order to make it easier to plunder the new high-tier regions!
  • Animated arrows for raid attacks on the worldmap are now shown in yellow, differentiated from conquest attacks which remain in red
  • Pyro Blast and Snipe Shot spells now have an additional visual effect to make their targets clear
  • Text color when typing in the chat window should now always be the same color as the channel you're typing in
  • Healing staffs will now show up in a new "heal" subcategory on the market
  • Item quality levels (gained through rare crafting successes) now give a wider and more consistent range of stat enhancements, including ability power enhancements, with Legendary items having stats equivalent to an item of one tier higher

Changes Edit

  • Altered some territory connectivity in the north-east of the map, to make some territories better connected and generally conform more closely with normal layouts
  • Various text strings in game have been updated
  • Guilds can now set a minimum rank required to place buildings on their island; this is set to Officer by default
  • Construction sites no longer have durability decay
  • Hellgate gate keepers will no longer follow players as far from their spawn location as previously
  • Tier 1 equipment can no longer have quality levels
  • Tools no longer have "equip weapon" and "next tool" spells
  • Faction weapon costs have been adjusted, generally downwards on Royal weapons and upwards on others
  • Founders' equipment now asks for confirmation if you attempt to salvage it
  • Tools now all have twice as much base durability; existing tools will appear more damaged but should have the same amount of usage available as before the patch

Fixes Edit

  • Faction items should now correctly progress Destiny Board mastery beyond the first level
  • Fixed access to the central island in Wailing Wood
  • Shield Charge spell on shields is fixed
  • Cursed Bolt spell on cursed staff has correct audio
  • Death Curse spell on cursed staff is now working correctly
  • Whisper messages now save in the input history correctly
  • Invisibility spells will no longer be cancelled by attacks that were started but not fully resolved before the invisibility took effect (for example, arrows that are in flight at the moment invisibility begins)
  • Resurrection will now attempt to return all items, including those trashed when you died, to your inventory; if this occurs successfully (ie, not blocked by a lack of inventory space), a dead body will no longer continue to show after resurrection
  • Equipment on dead but resurrectable corpses should now always display correctly
  • Game should no longer suffer performance issues when accessing a T8 Forge
  • It should no longer be possible to create large numbers of player skeletons in cities with repeated use of /suicide
  • Fixed some weirdness with transitioning between tabs in the crafting menu
  • Added unique icons for all mission reward items

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