Version 1.0.234 - REV 32895 / 22.07.2015

Improvements Edit

  • Black Zones have arrived!
    • Carrion CopseFesterfossFilthwellHollow HeartIchordewBilebeckRotten Vale andCorpsemingle are now "black zones"
    • You will be flagged hostile automatically when entering these regions, and cannot unflag until you leave them
    • Clusters of players will not show up on the minimap, and no player counts will be shown
    • Dungeons in this area are similarly affected
    • The world map has new colors and graphics to reflect this
  • Many, many art improvements - mesh improvements, shader improvements, texture improvements and more!
  • Many level design improvements, clearing up issues and making improvements in many places!

Changes Edit

  • Territories in Carrion Copse and Festerfoss have had their connections adjusted, so that resource territories are no longer "behind" building territories

Fixes Edit

  • Efficiency passive spell on helmets now correctly affects the energy costs shown in the UI (previously it gave the bonus but the UI was incorrect)
  • Numpad keys can now be assigned in control settings
  • Two-handed hammers and polehammers are now listed in the "hammer" market subgroup
  • An issue with minimap generation was fixed
  • It is now possible to craft a T6 Enchanted Longbow in a T6 Hunter's Lodge (similar issues with T7 and T8 will be fixed in a later patch)
  • Carrion Copse should now have its name spelled correctly
  • Reenergize spell on cloth torso now has a consistent visual effect

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