Version 1.0.261 - REV 38952 / 23.11.2015 - START OF CLOSED BETA

Rework the Gear Progression and Power Curve Edit

  • The differences between different Tiers of gear has been reduced, so that the outcome of fights become more skill-focused than being extremely gear-reliant.
  • Where we had about a 25% increase in power from one Tier to the next in Summer Alpha, we have tuned this down to a mere 10% increase.

Skill based Combat and Balancing Edit

Our Combat System, along with all spells and abilities, has been overhauled entirely.

  • Each weapon now comes with a distinct characteristic in playstyle.
  • We have introduced Light (more Pew!) and Heavy (less ouchie) variations of the existing armor types.
    • In line with our You Are What You Wear approach, this allows further character-specialization.
  • To make combat even more interactive, we have increased the number of skillshots (i.e. spells you have to target yourself) available in the game.
    • In combat you will actually have to move more and aim better.

(Local) GvG & Siege Camps Edit

We made two significant changes to Local GvG to increase the logistics required and introduced Siege Camps as a way to give more guilds access to GvG:

  • The people fighting have to be in the either of the clusters being involved.
    • You can not stand in a green zone and be teleported to the fight any longer.
  • The gear you are bringing to the fight has to be stored in the Battle Vault of the two territories involved.
  • Siege Camps are a tool for Guilds to conquer other territories without owning one yourself.

Open World PvP: Chests Edit

  • To encourage Open World PvP, we have introduced Treasure Chests from which you can get rare resources for crafting.
  • Treasure Chests, which will hold some components needed for Enchanted Gear, will become lootable every x days / hours
  • This will be shown on the world map.
  • 30 minutes after they spawn, they become lootable.
  • Looting them is a 3-minute channeled cast that will be interrupted by any damage you take.
  • The more dangerous the zone the chest is placed in, the more valuable its contents.
  • The most valuable Chests are inside of Castles.

Open World PvP: Shrines Edit

  • Shrines are crafting stations in the open world.
  • High level items can only be crafted in Shrines.
  • You need a "basic" (level 1-3) item to craft a higher enchanted item.
  • Shrines can be found for different tiers and paths (Warrior, Hunter, Mage).

Economy Changes Edit

We have reworked the use of silver in-game, as well as made some other changes to the economy in general:

  • The Crafting Tax paid in silver has been removed.
  • To keep crafting in the Red and Black Zones viable, we have introduced a resource rebate for crafts performed there – you will need 20% fewer resources to craft an item in Red, and 25% fewer in Black.
  • Most buildings of most tiers can now be built anywhere – including your Player Islands.

Silver in the Closed Beta will be mainly used for:

  • Repairs
  • Purchases in the marketplace
  • Land auctions
  • Transmutations and Reforging
  • Acquisition and upgrade of Private Islands
  • Usage fees set by players for crafting stations

Land Auction System Edit

We wanted to bring the feeling of Player versus Player in the economy of the game – as well as making sure that the real estate situation is more fluid.

  • City plots come up for auction every four weeks now.
  • There will be an auction period of one week, utilizing a maximum bid system, i.e. you enter how much you want to bid as maximum.
  • Only the current owner is able to bid in the last day of the auction.
  • The current owner’s bids count double, so they have an advantage and a better chance to keep their plot.
  • Should the ownership of the plot change, the previous owner will get 50% of the winning bid.
  • An additional 25% will go over the next 28 days to the guild owning the city.

Consumable Rework and Farming Edit

  • Foods have been overhauled and now give long-lasting buffs.
  • Available buff types are:
    • Increased out-of-combat health regeneration
    • Increased crafting speed and quality
    • Increased maximum carrying load and gathering speed
    • Reduced cooldown periods and casting times
    • Increased combat damage
    • Increased maximum health
  • There are now 8 different crops to grow and 6 different animals to breed
  • Potions have also been reworked in a similar manner. Available effects are:
    • Heal over time
    • Energy over time
    • Revive incapacitated ally
    • Increase defense
    • Slowing field at your feed
    • Increased regeneration of spell use
    • Remove negative effects
  • The 7 required herbs can be grown in the all-new Herb Garden.
  • Crafting buildings now have a favorite food – if you fill them up with that, they gain bonus nutrition.

Crafting efficiency bonuses Edit

  • Depending on where you are crafting you will experience a rebate on resources.
  • The more dangerous the area, the higher the rebate.

Crafting Endurance becomes Crafting Focus Edit

  • In the Summer Alpha test, when you run out of Crafting Endurance, you were not able to craft at all.
  • We removed this system and replaced it with Crafting Focus.
  • You can now always craft no matter what.
  • However you can decide to craft with focus, which consumes your Crafting Focus.
  • If you do so you get some resources back.
  • The Crafting Focus replenishes over time, even when you are not logged in.
  • This way you can still craft if need be, but you have a certain amount of items you can craft relatively cheaply.
  • This way we guarantee that it is still highly beneficial for a Guild to have several crafters, even for the same items.

Learning Points Rework Edit

The Learning Points in the Summer Alpha would end up as a road block. Thus, the system has changed to make them into something beneficial, rather than a requirement:

  • You can use Learning Points to clear partially cleared nodes – i.e. if you have 25% of the required fame, you can spend an amount of learning points to unlock this node.
  • To counter-balance this, the fame requirements for the Destiny Board have been increased.
  • Learning Points help you level up faster – and you can choose where to spend them and accelerate your progress.
  • You regenerate 20 Learning Points every day while your character has Premium Status.

Private Island Improvements Edit

  • We have expanded upon our popular Private Island feature.
  • Player Islands and Guild Islands are now upgradable five times.
  • Each upgrade unlocks additional building plots.
  • Practically all buildings can now be built on Private Islands.

Guild Markets Edit

  • Guild Territories and Guild Islands now have a dedicated local market place, so intra-guild trade can take place

Laborers Edit

  • You now have the ability to hire NPC Laborers in your Player House or Guild Hall.
  • There is a Laborer type for every gathering and crafting profession available.
  • They give you journals associated with their profession that get filled as you yourself engage in that activity.
  • Hand them a filled journal and they then go and get you additional resources – a bonus of about 30% on your initial work investment.

Player Inspect Edit

  • You can click on a player avatar and select inspect to see what they are wearing.
  • This does not work in PvP areas!

Localization Edit

  • The game is now localized into the following languages:
    • German
    • French
    • Spanish
    • Russian
    • Polish
    • Brazilian Portuguese

General Improvements =Edit

  • 1vs1 Duels are now a part of Albion. You can even put a wager on the outcome of your duel!
  • There have been several tweaks in terms of performance – one of the most notable ones is that the amount of polygons needed to display certain objects in the game has been reduced by up to 20%.
  • We have added a second continent to our worldmap to prepare for the influx of new players.
  • Mount Speeds have been adjusted. Especially the special mounts (e.g. Direwolf) are now faster.
  • Destiny Board has had a significant layout and bonus overhaul.
  • You can now have up to three characters on your account.
  • New, more awesome character select screen.
  • Farming output doubled in farming territories.
  • Some regions now have strategic resource areas, where you can find huge quantities of specific resources.
  • Item quality can now be re-rolled at the Repair Shop, allowing you another chance at a high-quality item (for a fee!).
  • Hide mobs of T4 and above (boar, bear etc) now show if they have rare hides.
  • Items now all have an item power which influences many of their stats.
  • Item power of high-tier items is reduced in green zones.
  • Auto-dismount when trying to craft/refine while mounted.
  • Basically everything in the game has been rebalanced in some way!

Known Issues Edit

  • Founder's mounts have too high load values.
  • Various numbers are wrong in the Destiny Board.
  • Some farming nodes in the Destiny Board are missing icons.
  • T3 Quarterstaff missing proper name.

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