Like in real life the amount of weight a character in Albion Online can carry is limited. Until this limit is hit the character will move at full speed. 4.8 meters per second is the base move speed.

If a character becomes over encumbered by reaching over 100% of their max load the movement of the character will Immediately slow down by 20%, limiting the characters ability to move across the world. When the character reaches 200% of their max load they can't move anymore. Your base max load is 200kg.

Note there is no increased movement penalty between 101% and 120% max load.

Bags and bootsEdit

You can increase the maximum weight you can carry by equipping bags and or boots with carry weight enchant.

Bag Tier Max Load increase
II 68kg
III 119kg
Boot Enchant
Boot Tier Max Load increase
I 8kg
II 20kg
III 36kg


Oxen decrease carry weight massively when used. They can be used for trade as well as gathering. Resource hopping is commonly used way of utilizing oxen - player gathers material, then uses ox to move to another node and so on. Effectively a player can bring about resources worth about 700-900% of his carry weight in one trip.

Please note that this method renders you immobile when you cross 200% weight threshold, making it incredibly dangerous in areas with dangerous NPCs.