A common aggressive mob in the world of Albion Online. They are often the first aggressive creature a newcomer to Albion will encounter, and are tough to kill with bare hands. They are an abundant source of T3 Hide.


Wolves native to the island of Albion have a distinctive two-tone coat, with a charcoal gray topcoat covering the back and flank, and a slate-colored undercoat covering the face, chest and legs. They also have black markings on the face and ears, which are thought to make the wolf appear more threatening by making its triangular yellow eyes more prominent. When anxious or threatened, wolves will slick their ears down and backwards and bare their teeth.


Wolves are viciously defensive of territory, and though they can be easily overcome when on their own, a pack of them can prove a challenge to players, and even a lone wolf will pose a serious threat to player caught off guard. They are pack animals, and can often be seen skulking through wooded areas in packs of three or four, though they have been known to hunt in groups totaling up to six members. Wolves will pull nearby friendly mobs from a radius twice the size of other mobs'. So if you see a wolf running alone, be wary of rushing in for the kill - you never know what might be watching in secret.

Stats & AbilitiesEdit

Wolves can be tough kills for beginners, but are one of the least challenging mobs to fight in the game. They can, however, cause deep puncture wounds that can injure a player over time.

  • Ability: Rend - inflicts physical damage over time.
  • High group radius - pulls other friendly mobs nearby to the fight at double the distance as usual.
  • Damage Physical/Magical - Physical only